Oxford Women's Health

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At Oxford Women's Health, we specialise in providing the very best in women's health care.  No matter the reason for your visit, our goal is for you to leave every appointment feeling better than when you arrived. You will receive a warm welcome, be treated respectfully, and be supported in the decisions you make about your care and treatment.

When you visit Oxford Women's Health you are seeking advice from some of New Zealand's most highly regarded and experienced women's health experts. Quite simply, it's what we do. Our health professionals are highly-respected leaders in their fields of gynaecology, fertility, endocrinology, oncoplastic breast surgery, pelvic floor physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology.

Oxford Women’s Health is providing post Covid services under the Ministry of Health guidelines. Read more here.

Due to a nationwide shortage of oestrogen (in the form of oestradiol) patches, we are having to work a little differently when prescribing hormone replacement therapy to patients.  Please click here for further information.