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Oxford Women’s Health achieves certification award

Oxford Women’s Health achieves certification award


Oxford Women’s Health has received a national award of certification, demonstrating its commitment to meeting standards of practice and ensuring effective systems for quality and risk management within its service.

The organisation received this important recognition from the DAA Group, a leading Designated Auditing Agency that provides certification services in New Zealand.

DAA Group Director, Cathy Cummings, says certification shows the organisation is committed to maintaining safe service delivery and positive outcomes for people who use the service. Importantly, it also shows they are establishing systems to monitor and learn from what happens in their service in order to continuously improve.

“Achieving certification demonstrates that Oxford Women’s Health is striving to improve their level of care for both patients and the community,” Cathy says.

“Health services seek certification because they want to do their best and view this as another step towards excellence in patient care."

To receive certification, Oxford Women’s Health committed to a substantial piece of work to achieve the NZS 8165 Rooms/Office-Based Surgery and Procedures Standard, which establishes  processes and systems for quality care and risk management.

An on-site audit for certification tests the service’s processes and systems in areas such as equipment processing, staff training, patient records and emergency guidelines.

There is a large amount of work that goes into preparing for certification and it is achieved through teamwork between staff members. "Everyone at the service plays a valuable role in working to meet the NZS 8165 Rooms/Office-Based Surgery and Procedures Standard. It gives staff a real sense of pride to work in a certified practice," Cathy added.

Oxford Women’s Health proudly displays the DAA Group certification mark for all their visitors and patients to see.

“We are delighted to have achieved the certification,” says Catherine France, General Manager of Oxford Women’s Health. “While we have always been committed to maintaining high standards of patient care, the external review and subsequent confirmation of the high quality of our practice through certification has been a valuable process for all the team. It is a huge boost and has reinforced our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment, and positive outcomes for our patients.”

Based in Christchurch, Oxford Women's Health is a private clinic specialising in women's health care. Oxford Women's Health professionals are highly-respected leaders in their fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, endocrinology, oncoplastic breast/general surgery, physiotherapy, nutrition, and psychology.

DAA Group is a leading Designated Auditing Agency in healthcare certification services. For further information on DAA Group please visit www.daagroup.co.nz or call 0508 246 776.

For further information on Oxford Women’s Health, please visit www.oxfordwomenshealth.co.nz