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Specialist Fertility Services

Subfertility is unfortunately far more common than most people think. About one in every six couples in New Zealand will experience problems with their fertility when trying to have a baby.

There are now many treatments available for subfertile couples and, in many cases, these treatments result in a successful pregnancy.

In February 2014, Oxford Women's Health launched an exciting, new joint venture with international fertility experts Genea.

The new Genea Oxford Fertility clinic is also based in the Forté Health building and complements the services offered by Oxford Women's Health. Together they provide a full range of treatments for women's health, fertility and childbirth.

Genea Oxford Fertility may be newly established as a fertility clinic, but the people who will be helping you achieve your dream of a healthy baby are the same specialists who have been caring for the women of Christchurch since 1996.

The focus of Genea Oxford Fertility's friendly, caring team is on making your fertility treatment as comfortable, simple and stress-free as possible.

We know that the longer couples wait to seek help, the more it can adversely affect their chance of conceiving. The best time to seek help is when you get worried - if you've had no luck conceiving and it's starting to bother you, talk to us.

The team at Oxford Women's Health can also support couples trying to conceive through natural treatments, dietary advice and general wellbeing guidance. Not everyone who visits Genea Oxford Fertility will require IVF.

ovulation tracking

Many couples, understandably, want to know what they can do to improve their chance of conceiving naturally rather than rushing into fertility treatment. If you've been trying for a little while with no success, a good first step is to try Genea Oxford Fertility's Ovulation Tracking.

It's a simple option that helps you understand when you are likely to be ovulating and the best timing for sex to give you the greatest chance of getting pregnant. Timing is everything and having sex at the right time can be all it takes for some couples to conceive successfully.

Download our patient information booklet about ovulation tracking.

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