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Heavy and Painful Periods

Heavy (Menorrhagia) and painful (Dysmenorrhoea) periods are among the many reasons women seek treatment at Oxford Women's Health. The symptoms can take a huge toll on a woman's physical, social and emotional well being.

Every woman's menstrual cycle is different, but periods are considered to be heavy when bleeding lasts seven or more days per cycle; protection needs to be changed every one to two hours; and/or menstrual flow includes large blood clots. Heavy periods affect one in every five women.

Painful periods are more difficult to accurately define as pain is a subjective experience. Women who experience excessive pain are usually unresponsive to over the counter pain relief and are frequently absent from school or work during their cycle.

There are a number of treatment options available for heavy and painful periods, but it's important that you receive the right one for you. The team at Oxford Women's Health are experts in ensuring your treatment option is tailored to your needs.

If your everyday life is being restricted by heavy or painful periods, make an appointment with a member of our team.