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Specialist Obstetrician Services

Obstetrics is the medical specialty involved with caring for women and babies during pregnancy (antenatal), labour and delivery, and after childbirth (postnatal). 

Women may choose an obstetrician for a variety of personal or medical reasons. It is common to have a midwife as well, in an arrangement known as 'shared care'. If you choose both an obstetrician and a midwife, communication between the two is essential. We work hard to ensure that you, your obstetrician and your midwife are always aware of what is happening.

At Oxford Women's Health, we work with a number of qualified midwives, and can arrange for one to look after you during your pregnancy. However, more often, your midwife will refer you to us.

During your first appointment, your obstetrician will review any previous pregnancies, past medical and surgical problems, and family history so that a clear plan can be made.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will have regular checks by both your obstetrician and midwife.

Appointments are held at our clinic in Forté Health, while deliveries are carried out at Christchurch Women's Hospital.

Although all of our specialists are qualified obstetricians, they do not all offer this service.

Procedures and support provided by our obstetricians include:

  • pre-pregnancy counselling
  • antenatal consultations
  • antenatal diagnostic expertise
  • care during the delivery of your baby
  • elective Caesarean section
  • postnatal consultation. This is particularly useful as it gives us a chance to discuss any issues that arose during your pregnancy or delivery, and whether you require contraception, physiotherapy or exercise advice.

genesyte - prenatal screening

Most health care professionals will advise you to undertake first trimester screening to test for any abnormalities.

Through Oxford Women's Health's joint venture with international fertility experts Genea, we are able to offer the first non-invasive prenatal screening test processed completely in Australasia.

Until now, all samples were sent offshore for testing, meaning delays in finding out the results. With GeneSyte, your results are available within 7 to 10 working days.

What's more, unlike amniocentesis, our GeneSyte test only requires a simple blood test, making it much safer for you and your baby. GeneSyte works on the principle that when you are pregnant, some of your baby's DNA crosses the placenta into your bloodstream. Our testing allows us to identify it in a sample of your blood and check for the conditions which are caused by extra or missing chromosomes.

For more information about GeneSyte, visit the Genea Oxford Fertility website.